Thread/Floss Holder – Thread/Floss Drop – Thread/Floss Minder

Thread/Floss Holder – Thread/Floss Drop – Thread/Floss Minder Whatever you want to call it lol here is how I make mine.

1. Glue 2 sheets of cardstock together. I used kraft but you can use any cardstock you want. I used E6000 spray as my glue but again any spray glue would work fine. I also like using UHU glue sticks for this.

1a. I have been asked if I can laminate first and I have tried that and the thin dies wont go through it. You would just have to try it with whatever punch/die you were using and see if it would work. I don’t worry about it. If I wear one out I just make a new one.

2a. Choose your dies of choice. I don’t know what the label outside shape die is called. I have had them since they started making dies like this LOL so the packaging is long gone and I couldn’t find it anywhere online. If you know let me know! The outside die is 2 5/8ths when cut. The inside large circle die is 1 inch when cut. I ran the cardstock and the dies through my Big Shot but any die cut machine designed to use these types of dies will be fine. – You could also use punches though it would be really hard to punch through 2 layers of card stock but you could always glue them together after you punch out your shapes.

2b. Cut out your base shape out of your layered cardstock.

3. Should look something like this when you are done. Now choose how you want to store them. I hang mine so we need some holes.

4a. Choose the hole punch of your choice. Mine is the large 1/4 inch hole punch by We R Memory Keepers called CROP-A-DILE – POWER PUNCH. It cuts through many labels at one time like butter.

4b. Punch the top hole. Be sure you don’t get to high and make it fragile or to thin at the top.

5. I add 2 additional holes on each side of the 1 inch hole because I like to have one smaller hole to hold a full 6 thread skein cut and ready to go plus the other small hole gives me a place to either have 1 strand on the ready to be stitch with or a place to put left overs that are not short enough to be tossed yet.

6a. I attach my labels that I have cut out from the labels on each skein of floss using a super sticky double sided tape. Mine is Scrappy Tape but any good doubled sided tape will work.

6b. I have the Bar Code and Floss Number on the front of my tag and the DMC label on the back. You can hand write this info though or use stickers or whatever you want to label each of your colors.

7. Attach your floss and you are ready to go! Hope this helps with all the questions I have gotten about them.

If you have more questions though please just leave a comment and I will answer the best I can.

Have a wonderful rest of your day! Felicia =)

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