How To Print 2×3 Photos on 4×6 Sheet of paper using Epson Creative Print App

Download the Epson Creative Print App from your app store. Its free.


Make sure you are in the correct app. Go through the set up steps to add your printer. Click Collage


Click New.
Note: Once you go through all these steps it will save it. You can just reuse it over and over.


Select any layout you want. This example will show how to print (4) 2×3 photos on 1 4×6 sheet of paper


Add your photos. You can edit them by pressing on each photo you load into the collage.

THERE IS NO NUMBER 5 Sorry I wasnt paying close attention and I missed it LOL


Click here to change paper size.


In the menu click Change Paper Size


Choose the size you want. We are picking 4×6 for this example.


Click here to set your printer settings.


This is how I set mine up. You can set these to whatever it fits your printing needs. But for today we are wanting no borders, 4×6 paper, regular photo paper with a standard print quality (this is all you should need for journaling needs) and to have the paper drawn from the rear tray ( if you have this option I highly recommend it!!)


Click done it will take you back the the page that looks like #9 and click Print.
Then it should come out looking like this…


If you have questions just leave a comment .



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