2024 Stitching

These are projects I would like to stitch in 2024 but if I have time to stitch any of them in 2023 I will move them to that page as I start to work on them. Photos shown currently are not my photos they are just photos from where I purchased them so you could see what they look like. They will be replaced as I stitch them with photos of my finished projects.

Cross Stitch Projects

Winter In The City by Crocette a gogò @ricamidimarula – https://www.etsy.com/listing/1137177718/file-pdf-digital-chart-winter-in-the




I will be stitching all 3 of these together.





Sampler Aux Bouquet 1 by @jardinprivebroderie – https://www.123stitch.com/item/Jardin-Prive-Sampler-Au-Bouquet-I-Cross-Stitch-Pattern/17-2628 ( This was a gift from Beth Liotta @beththestitcher – Thank you! ) 



Sampler Aux Bouquet 2 by @jardinprivebroderie – https://www.123stitch.com/item/Jardin-Prive-Sampler-Au-Bouquet-II-Cross-Stitch-Pattern/17-2629 ( This was a gift from Beth Liotta @beththestitcher- Thank you! ) 



Sampler Aux Bouquet 3 by @jardinprivebroderie – https://www.123stitch.com/item/Jardin-Prive-Sampler-Au-Bouquet-III-Cross-Stitch-Pattern/17-2630 ( This was a gift from Beth Liotta @beththestitcher – Thank you! ) 



Home Of A Needle Worker by @littlehouseneedleworks
https://www.123stitch.com/item/Little-House-Needleworks-Home-of-a-Needleworker-Too/08-1109 ( This was a gift from Anna @gardengirl49 – Thank you! )



Butterfly by Vetlanka – https://www.etsy.com/listing/1075047439/ Sadly her shop is no longer open on Etsy. I do not know where else she may currently be selling her charts.



Ciseaux & Bobines by @jardinprivebroderie – https://123stitch.com/item/Jardin-Prive-Ciseaux-Bobines-Cross-Stitch-Pattern/C6915


Hand sewing projects

Happy Stitches Journals Volume 1 https://www.prettyfabricsandtrims.co.uk/ourshop/cat_1486470-Subscription-Clubs.html


  1. Dellitt says:

    My mother watched one of your youtube videos, so I got your website from there. I like a lot of the designs you’ve chosen to cross stitch. What do you do with all of the designs once you’ve finished them?

    • Felicia Smith says:

      Right now most get framed and go on the wall. Not sure what I will do when the walls all fill up! LOLOL Have a wonderful rest of your day! Felicia

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